The Strain 1.12 Preview: Eichhorst Targets the Pawn Shop

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the strain

the strainThe attack on The Master orchestrated by Fet, Setrakian, Eph, and Nora could have been a grand victory for the foursome and, indirectly, for mankind as a whole. Had they managed to get a clean shot in at the hulking vampire master, they had a strong chance of taking him out and cleansing the world of the strain of vampirism that is threatening to swallow it whole. Instead, the group drove The Master away and made it painfully aware that they are a threat to be reckoned with, meaning that they’ve now drawn the attention of The Master and all of his minions to their doorstep. But will the group have the manpower and overall resources to bat back this latest attack against them?

On tonight’s episode of The Strain, Eichorst organizes and executes a blitzing of the pawn shop in response to the attempted hit on The Master. In order for Palmer’s plan to work and the strain to infect the world’s population, all threats have to be neutralized, meaning that no one at the shop is to be spared the wrath of the strigoi. Even though Setrakian wants nothing more than to follow The Master deeper into the lair and take the one shot he has at freeing himself, he must listen to the rest of the group and return to the pawn shop if there’s any hope at beating back Eichorst and scoring the victory they were earlier denied. If he lets his pride and desperation get in the way of reason, he could irrevocably damage his inner circle and, thus, the chances of finally emerging victorious over The Master.

Elsewhere on The Strain, Palmer receives a special visitor.

The Strain airs tonight at 10:00 on FX.

Do you think any of the group will be taken out in Eichorst’s attack? Did the attack on The Master prove to be more trouble than it was worth? Who do you think will pay Palmer a visit?