The Strain 1.11 Preview: Does Eph Now Believe in Vampirism?

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the strain

the strainWhen the plague first began showing signs of strength, Eph didn’t think anything of it. It was something he (thought he) had seen a million times before and he was confident enough in himself to think that he could easily shut it down. He knew what to do in situations like this, so a few sick people would be a simple clean up and there was no need for anyone to panic. However, ever since he first discovered the plane full of dead passengers, Eph has been confronted with evidence that he’s not as in control as he would like, as this particular strain is something that he’s never confronted in his career. But after continuing to deny the existence of vampirism, has he reached the point of believing?

On tonight’s episode of The Strain, Eph, Nora, and Fet explore The Master’s lair in hopes of finding a weakness big enough to exploit and assessing the threat that they’re up against. While seeing the swarms of vampires populating the lair has to, on at least some level, be quite discouraging, the biggest thing that could come out of the journey is Eph embracing the reality of the situation after seeing empirical evidence of the outbreak’s impact. The strain impacting the city isn’t normal, nor is it human; it turns people into vicious killing machines capable of anything and the time that Eph’s wasted in clinging to his personal beliefs has undoubtedly cost many lives by this point. However, by finally coming on board the train of thought that Setrakian has laid out since the two of them met, Eph can right the wrongs that he’s committed and save the city from being consumed whole by the vampire threat. But first, he, Nora, and Fet are going to have to get out of the lair without being detected by The Master or his army of vampires.

Elsewhere on The Strain, Zack risks his safety for Mariela.

The Strain airs tonight at 10:00 on FX.

What do you think Eph and company will find while in The Master’s lair? Will this sojourn give them more confidence going forward or will seeing the swarm of vampires extinguish any hope they had of defeating The Master? For what reason will Zack put himself on the line for Mariela?