Nurse Jackie Season 7 to Be Its Last

by Shilo Adams 788 views0

nurse jackie

Showtime has announced that the upcoming seventh season of Nurse Jackie will be the addiction dramedy’s last.

Created by Liz Brixius and Linda Wallem and currently ran by season five addition Clyde Phillips, Nurse Jackie follows ER nurse Jackie Peyton (Edie Falco) as she deals with addiction issues. Along with The Big C, United States of Tara, and Weeds, the series was a part of a wave of Showtime dramedies centered on damaged middle-aged women, with performances by Falco and Emmy winner Merritt Wever drawing critical raves and awards attention. After some wheel-spinning seasons, the show began to make Jackie pay for the lies she had to tell in order to further her addiction, first by having her confront the death of a friend in season four and then by having her get into legal trouble at the end of season six. Now that she’s stuck in the web of the United States legal system for a crime that’s far and away the most serious she’s committed in the name of her addiction, will Jackie be forced to confront the impact that her addiction has had on her life? Or has she been an addict for long enough that there’s no pulling her back from self-destruction?

While original Nurse Jackie cast member Peter Facinelli left the series at the end of last season, season seven will see three-time Emmy winner Tony Shalhoub (Monk) joining the cast as an ER doctor who has a special way of dealing with Gloria. Additional casting information should be released the further the show gets into production.

Production on the seventh and final season of Nurse Jackie, which should premiere in the spring of 2015, recently began.

Will you be watching the final season of Nurse Jackie? How would you like to see Jackie Peyton’s story come to a close? Do you think she has any chance in the world at staying sober and pulling her life back from the abyss?