You’re the Worst 1.09 Preview: A Trip Back Through Time

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you're the worst

you're the worstDespite her anger at Jimmy’s actions with her parents, the reason that Gretchen broke off their relationship was the discovery of the engagement ring in Jimmy’s room. What scares her more than being honest and open with her parents, who she fears will judge her and the lifestyle she leads, is a serious, committed relationship and the thought of getting married, especially to someone like Jimmy, just freaks her out. Understandably, she got spooked by the sight of the ring since she wasn’t with Jimmy very long, but will the break-up ultimately be the best thing for the both of them?

On the next episode of You’re the Worst, the events leading up to Jimmy meeting Gretchen are revealed, with everything from past relationships to regrettable hookups to career missteps having something to do with bringing them together the night of Becca’s wedding. There’s a reason that these two damaged, lonely individuals found each other on the happiest day of someone’s life and there’s a possibility that Gretchen and Jimmy knowing how they got where they are could greatly improve the chances of a reconciliation. He might be pushing away the thought of being with her and she might have retreated at the thought of commitment, but there’s something special between them that has to be explored and they won’t get a chance to do that if they each continue being as guarded and anti-communication as they’ve been. For example, could Gretchen be persuaded to give Jimmy another chance if the ring was a relic of a relationship gone by, something not intended for her at all?

You’re the Worst airs Thursdays at 10:30 on FX.

What do you think was the ultimate catalyst in bringing Jimmy and Gretchen together? Did Gretchen make the right decision in ending her relationship after what happened between Jimmy and her parents? How do you think Edgar and Gretchen play into Jimmy and Gretchen eventually meeting?