You’re the Worst Season Finale Preview: Jimmy and Gretchen Take the Next Step

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you're the worst

you're the worstWhen Gretchen found the engagement ring in Jimmy’s room, she ran away from their relationship and ended things before they could get too serious. Even at 30 years old, she was terrified of allowing someone to get close to her and of leaving herself vulnerable to being hurt, but she gained some necessary perspective thanks to a studio confrontation with Sam that shined an unflattering light on her party girl ways. He made her realize that it’s time for her to cut down on the partying and let herself become the adult that she’s been suppressing for years. Though she made a first step by investing in a food processor, could she be ready to apply this change of attitude to her personal life?

On the season finale of You’re the Worst, the subject of Gretchen and Jimmy moving in together gets brought up, only it’s not Gretchen who’s extending the offer. Having finally gotten the revenge on Becca that he always wanted, Jimmy’s exorcised enough of his personal demons to give his relationship with Gretchen a real shot at making it; however, it’s quite a leap for Gretchen to make, especially once she finds out that Becca tried to sleep with him the other night. Gretchen’s only just now coming around to the idea of being in a committed, serious relationship with someone and going from that to moving in with someone, which will put her on the defensive about space issues and cause her to question whether she’s losing herself in her relationship, might be too much for her to deal with right now. Could Jimmy popping the question and offering to give Gretchen a key have the adverse effect of pushing her away ?

The first season finale of You’re the Worst is set to air Thursday at 10:30 on FX.

Do you think that Gretchen and Jimmy could survive living together? Will the thought of living together drive either one of them away? How do you think Lindsay and Edgar would react to Jimmy and Gretchen living together?