Hit the Floor 2.11 Sneak Peeks: Word of Terrence’s Injury Leaks

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hit the floor

hit the floorAll Terrence wanted was to be have one run at a ring, one chance to call himself a champion before his career ended. He’s spent his entire life working to get to this point and to go his full professional career without a championship series would’ve been devastating to his sense of self-worth, so to possibly be one run of games away from hoisting up a trophy is everything he could’ve hoped for from this season. But there’s the whole matter of his leg injury to worry about, both in terms of the impact it has on his play and the possibility of it becoming public knowledge. How would Terrence deal with the potentially career-ending injury he’s been struggling with this season becoming public knowledge?

On the next episode of Hit the Floor, word of Terrence’s injury gets leaked to the press before the start of the finals, giving Boston enough time to change their defensive strategy. Now they have the chance to lean on the Devils superstar and exploit his bum leg on the road to the championship, forcing Terrence into the role of liability when he thought he would be leading the charge to gold. The major question, though, is who was the one responsible for the leaking, since the only people who knew about it were Jelena, Terrence, and Derek. With Jelena and Derek both standing by their guy during this difficult time, it seems unlikely that either of them would be behind the betrayal, which leads Jelena to point the finger at Zero, as he has motive in pushing Terrence from the starting lineup. But even if Zero did overhear something about the injury and does have reason to hobble Terrence for the finals, does that necessary mean that he was the one to leak the injury to the press? Or could there be someone else looking to keep Terrence Wall from becoming a f

Elsewhere on Hit the Floor, Kyle is pushed into betraying a friend, while Lionel has it out with Sloane over Pete, Oscar delivers startling news, and Derek backs out of being Jude’s alibi for the time Olivia died.

Hit the Floor airs Mondays at 9:00 on VH1. The show was just renewed for a 10-episode third season that will premiere in spring 2015.

Do you think Zero was the one behind the leak of Terrence’s injury? Will Kyle’s betrayal put Raquel and Sloane in more danger? Why would Derek back out on protecting Jude?