Hit the Floor Season 2 Finale Sneak Peek: Jelena Meets with Police

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hit the floor

hit the floorThere’s every reason to suspect that Jelena had something to do with Olivia’s death. The two consistently had conflict between them, with Jelena seeking to gain greater control over the Devil Girls and get one over on the woman who continually stood in her way, while her close relationship with Oscar only points to her being involved in some form or fashion, be it moving the shovel to Chase’s car or some other minor task. With Olivia gone, Jelena could have ran the Devil Girls in the way that she saw fit and become an even bigger figure in the sports world, yet would she go as far as killing her and helping Oscar cover it up?

On the season finale of Hit the Floor, Jelena gets questioned by the police now that they know the time that Olivia fell to her death. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a great alibi and she quickly ends the meeting, the latter of which making her seem more guilty than she was beforehand. Jelena is someone who is so careful and calculated that seeing her not have a locked-and-loaded alibi is disconcerting, but does that necessarily mean that she had something to do with Oscar’s death? After all, she’s not been completely on her game this season with the reappearance of her mother, Ahsha’s continued rise, and her separation from Terrence, so there’s room for her to make a mistake and reason enough for her to not be as absurdly prepared as she normally is. Or could it mean that she knows more about what happened the night of Olivia’s death than she’s let on and doesn’t want the party responsible to zero in on her next?

Elsewhere on Hit the Floor, the Devils face off with Boston in the deciding game of the finals, while alliances are tested as the police close in on Olivia’s murder.

The season finale of Hit the Floor airs Monday at 9:00 on VH1.

Who do you think killed Olivia Vincent? Is the person who actually killed Olivia going to be arrested or could we be looking at a potential frame job? Will the Devils pull off the win against Boston and give Terrence, Derek, and Pete their first titles?