Chasing Life Spoilers: April Withholds Her Diagnosis

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chasing life

chasing lifeGetting diagnosed with cancer wasn’t a part of April’s plan. In her mind, she was going to get hired on to a prestigious newspaper and work her way up the corporate ladder while pursuing fulfilling activities in her downtime; when she wasn’t on her way to self-actualization, she would be hitting the dating world and finding the perfect man to bring home to her mother. Snags in each of her respective lives (professional, family, dating) – she can handle and has been handling ever since she can remember. But something as big as a cancer diagnosis? She’s clueless on what to do, how to act, who to tell. Since she’s almost paralyzed from this latest bit of news, and unwilling to admit that even the slightest trace of weakness exists within her, April’s going to sit on her diagnosis for a while, at least until she can straighten her head out. But should she tell her family sooner rather than later?

Listed below are the dates, titles, and descriptions of the first three episodes of Chasing Life.

Tuesday, June 10th – “Pilot” (Sneak Peeks)
April (Italia Ricci) is a smart, charismatic and quick witted twenty-something aspiring journalist. When not pursuing the latest scoop, April tries to balance her ambitious career with her family, which includes her widowed mom Sara (Mary Page Keller), rebellious little sister Brenna (Haley Ramm) and her grandmother (Rebecca Schull). We meet April at a pivotal moment in her life: she’s landed a fantastic opportunity to impress her hard-nosed Boston newspaper editor and an office romance with her super-sexy co-worker Dominic (Richard Brancatisano) is just beginning to blossom. In an unexpected twist of fate, April lands in the hospital where her estranged uncle, George (Steven Weber), works as an oncologist, and she learns the devastating news that she has cancer.

The series follows April through her journey in the face of this daunting revelation, during a time in her life when the challenges of finding love and success would be enough to keep any girl occupied. But April is determined to fight and refuses to give up her dreams and goals. Along the way, she’ll find new reserves of strength and passion within and discover that facing death may really be the only way to truly live.

Tuesday, June 17th – “Help Wanted”
As April learns more about her cancer and prospective treatment, she is determined not to let it affect her progress at work. A new assignment to profile gubernatorial candidate Bruce Hendrie leads to an unexpected run-in with his son, Leo (Scott Michael Foster). April also makes a startling discovery about her family.

Tuesday, June 24th – “Blood Cancer Sex Carrots”
As things begin to heat up with Dominic, April second-guesses the status of their relationship when she learns he has a reputation as the office playboy. To help take her mind off of Dominic and to start facing the reality of her symptoms, she volunteers for an assignment at work about a supposed cancer-curing miracle juice and finds a confidant and support in the juice maker, Gerald (guest star Sam Anderson). Meanwhile, Sara makes a surprise connection with one of her therapy patients and hosts an awkward dinner for her new boyfriend, Ben, to meet the family.

Chasing Life airs Tuesdays at 9:00 on ABC Family.

Is April wrong for keeping her diagnosis to herself? What type of discovery will she make about her family and how will that impact her view of recovery? Does she have a shot at getting better if she can get some of the juice from her interview subject?