Power Series Premiere Sneak Peeks: Will Ghost Get Out of the Drug Business?

by Shilo Adams 1,115 views0


powerJames “Ghost” St. Patrick has a life that others can only dream about. The owner of fast rising nightclub Truth, he’s become the toast of the city in short order, rubbing elbows with the NYC elite on a nightly basis and raking in the type of cash that will cause business execs to take notice. Ghost’s dream is to one day be at the head of the table of a Fortune 500 company and while his expanding portfolio might be just the thing he needs to get himself into a larger corporation, he’s begun to feel guilty about the way he’s earned his money. That’s because Truth isn’t merely a nightclub with overpriced liquor and a bevvy of good-looking co-eds; it’s a front for the largest drug network in New York.

On tonight’s series premiere of Power, Ghost has begun thinking about exiting the drug network and going straight, as he doesn’t think he can achieve his dreams with this other life weighing on him. The only problem is that nobody in his life wants him to leave – his business partners depend on the volume of income that Truth can bring, while his wife has grown accustomed to the lifestyle that his ownership of the club has provided for them. Afraid of being picked up by the cops and having his chance of becoming the man he wants to be taken away, Ghost is stuck in a situation he can’t get out of, since those he works with will do whatever it takes to keep the money coming in and him as the genial face of the nightclub. But what’ll happen when Ghost runs into his first love one night at Truth? Will he begin trying to live up to the man he once was, the man she still sees him as?

The series premiere of Power airs tonight at 9:00 on Starz.

Will Ghost be able to get out of the drug business with his body, sanity, and professional reputation in tact? Would his wife still love him if he wasn’t New York City’s drug kingpin? How will running into his first love change the way he views his position in the network?