Bitten 1.12 Sneak Peek: Santos Tortures Clay

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BittenWith every loss the Pack has suffered this season on Bitten, they’ve come to rely on one another more and more. Despite the divisions that exist between newer members like Logan and Elena and acting Alpha Jeremy, the Pack cannot afford to turn against one another with the mounting pressure from the Mutts and the possibility that their world will be flipped upside down if they’re not careful. The werewolf way of life hangs in the balance and Clay being taken by Santos and Olson could be the event that unites the remaining members of the Pack and forces them to work together for a common goal. But will they find out where Clay is being held before it’s too late?

On tonight’s episode of Bitten, Santos has taken a car battery to Clay, though things are not copacetic in the Mutt world with Victor Olson seemingly pulling away from the group that turned him in the first place. Be it the differences that exist between his ideology and the ideology of Santos or the belief that he doesn’t need the likes of Santos and LeBlanc in order to make it, Olson’s turning attitude toward his place in the Mutts could be the best thing for the Pack, as it significantly weakens their enemy without any resulting collateral damage. Olson on his own is much easier to deal with than Olson, LeBlanc, Santos, and Marsten, so if they can separate him from the herd and pick him off accordingly, it would send a message to the remaining Mutts that this rebellion they’ve started isn’t going to end well for them.

Elsewhere on Bitten, Elena gets confronted by Philip, with the encounter forcing her to come to terms with the nature of her true identity.

Bitten airs tonight at 8:00 on Syfy.

Do you think Clay will crack under pressure from Santos and the rest of the Mutts? Could Victor Olson be tiring of taking orders from Santos, possibly leading to a division within the Mutt ranks? Will Elena finally accept the path her life has taken and not try to force herself to live a certain way?