Bitten 1.09 Sneak Peek: Is Elena in Danger?

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bittenThe Pack has taken quite a beating this season on Bitten, losing both Peter and Antonio and finding themselves nearly wiped off the map by the Mutts. The world they rule is all about perception and without having hit back against the Mutts, the Pack is looking weak and mortal, no longer exerting the savagely ruthless authority that they had for years. However, they received one of their only recent breaks when Clay got Cain to admit that Santos called in legendary Koenig to deliver the finishing blow against the Pack; now that they have advance warning about something rather than being forced to think on their feet, will the Pack be able to gain some of the ground they’ve recently lost?

On the next episode of Bitten, the Pack has an encounter with LeBlanc that puts Elena in danger, as she gets abducted on the roof of a nearby warehouse. Motivated by what happened in the diner, LeBlanc wants nothing more than to exact vengeance upon Elena, but rather than quickly killing her and disposing of the body, further weakening the already stumbling Pack, the objective is to taunt Jeremy with the idea of losing the Pack’s best tracker and someone with whom he’s developed a familial relationship. The Mutts want the Pack to feel the loss of one of their own, but more importantly, they want them to know that they’re done with taking orders and living life the way that’s become the norm in their world. They want the psychological damage that would result from yet another death in the Pack, yet Elena is the strongest member of the Pack that they’ve went after and the recent losses will make Nick, Jeremy, and Clay all the more determined to keep their small but mighty crew together.

Elsewhere on Bitten, Elena’s feelings for Clay race to the surface when she has a near death experience.

Bitten airs Mondays at 8:00 on Syfy.

Will the Pack be able to dispatch Koenig without suffering any more damage? Should the Pack attempt to recruit members to bolster the ranks that were devastated by the Mutts? How will Elena deal with her feelings for Clay resurfacing at a time when she’s mostly focused on surviving and returning to Toronto?