Bitten 1.03 Preview: The Mutt Ups the Stakes

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bittenWhen Elena first arrived back in the States after spending the last year in Canada, she knew that she only agreed to revisit her old life for the sake of Logan and Jeremy. All she had to do was track down the Mutt to keep the rest of her pack safe and she would be able to resume the normal life as a photographer she built for herself since leaving Stonehaven; however, her plan of making the absence from Philip short and sweet was dealt a major blow when another body was discovered, this time that of a child. With the atmosphere in town decidedly tense and hunters lurking the woods waiting for the chance to bring down a wolf, Elena is far from home and by the day, it looks like the journey back to Toronto only gets longer.

On the next episode of Bitten, Elena and Clay track the Mutt to a warehouse where she gets confronted with the chance to give in to her baser instincts and embrace the wolf she’s held down for so long. Elena’s time in Toronto has been decidedly light on her exercising her wolf, minus the occasional run, and she’s still having trouble in coming to terms with being encouraged to “wolf out” while in Stonehaven. Part of that desire to keep herself in check has to do with her fear of losing control and killing someone again, but in order to take on the Mutt and bring him down for the safety of everyone in town, she might just have to tap into the animal within. How will Elena react to having to lean into her wolf as means of tracking the Mutt and bringing him to the justice that he deserves?

Elsewhere on Bitten, old feelings surface between Clay and Elena as they continue looking into the recent string of murders.

Bitten airs Mondays at 8:00 on Syfy.

Will Elena and Clay be able to corner the Mutt in the warehouse? Is there a chance that the Mutt is an isolated incident and not a sign of unrest among the Mutt population? Can Elena hold off her feelings for Clay long enough to catch the Mutt and keep her pack safe?