Lost Girl 4.02 “Sleeping Beauty School” Recap

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lost girl

lost girlWhile Trick is still at a loss for where Bo is, Dyson drives out to the crash site on his motorcycle, thinking that he can jog his memory and possibly find a clue of where Tamsin is. As he looks around the dirt and bushes for any kind of sign, he gets startled by something in a nearby brush, something that bites him when he places his hand near it. It turns out to be a feral little girl that he brings back to Bo’s place, which Kenzi has decorated in all her friend’s favorite things – champagne, chocolates, blindfolds. Dyson tells her that there was no scent at the observatory yet they do have a lead in the little girl, who he thinks is a reincarnated Tamsin. Since Tamsin said something about Bo’s father before the crash, Kenzi wants to interrogate the little girl, but Dyson advises against it, even though the girl does prove herself to be Tamsin through her knife skills and general attitude.

The two get into contact with Trick and learn that when Valkyries get reincarnated, their memories are often slow and scattered, making them as vulnerable and valuable as they’ll ever be. They experience and get exposed to a lot of suffering during their lifetimes and as such, they tend to repress memories, meaning that any information that Tamsin has about Bo or Bo’s father won’t be coming for quite a while. Trick gets the compass from Kenzi and uses it to determine that Bo is not on a physical plane of existence – in fact, she’s on a train barreling down the tracks to some unknown location. Bo looks out the cracked window to determine where exactly she is, but all she sees is dust and yellow light.

After Trick explains to Dyson what happened when Aife got her memory back and had to deal with the loss of her daughter again, he mentions that they have to get in touch with a tracker in order to retrieve Bo from wherever she may be. However, all the trackers that both Trick and Dyson know are either in prison, retired, or stupid; that is, except for the elusive Endymion, who can only be found by getting in touch with his salon-owning ex Selene. Dyson and Hale head to the salon and Selene informs them that she hasn’t been in touch with “Eddie” in years before taking Dyson to the back to help manage his curls. Catching Hale alone, Cleo swipes his hat and warns him that Selene won’t tell him or Dyson anything, that they need to go to a woman named Astrid with a Hindi message she wrote on his hand. Meanwhile, the Una Mens have taken to torturing Vex for information about the whereabouts of the Morrigan, who escaped from her cell behind a painting and has been missing ever since. To avoid suffering from even more pain than he already has, Vex offers to make a deal with the Una Mens, bringing them someone more important in exchange for his freedom, which they accept.

Back at Bo’s, Tamsin is causing trouble for Kenzi, asking about her relationship with Hale, finding a condom that was meant for Bo, and dumping the spark extract in the toilet before throwing a tantrum when she gets yelled at. To get her to stop, Kenzi uses what remains of the spark to demonstrate her temporary powers to Tamsin and offers to make cookies, just as Hale learns that the message Cleo wrote on his hand was an order for Astrid to erase both his and Dyson’s memories. But Astrid won’t do that, not when she knows the women of Selene’s are evil, and gives Dyson a perfume called One Kiss, which she says can only be used during one moment, a moment he’ll know when he gets to it. She tells them both to go to the one they love, but with the salon workers ordered to attack, Hale stays behind while Dyson goes off on his own. While Tamsin inadvertently finds the Wanderer tarot card, which catches on fire, and suggests that Bo might be caught in there, Dyson finds his way into the chambers of Selene and Endymion, the latter of which seemingly in a coma.

Selene is the only one who can wake him up yet she refuses to do so in hopes of being with Dyson, telling him that one kiss will make him her prisoner forever. Upon hearing her mention the words one kiss, he pulls out the perfume, sprays it on her, and orders her to kiss Eddie awake. When she does, she falls into the same slumber that he just got out of and he gets Dyson to help him tie her up. As Lauren is still haunted by the image of Bo’s face and refutes the advances of co-worker Crystal, Bo attempts to pick the lock on the train and remembers the name Kenz when she says it out loud. Although she can’t get the lock open, she knocks on the door and a blonde woman dressed as a maid comes in, telling her to keep it down and that she’ll awaken the one in charge.

Eddie seems on board with working for Dyson and Hale until Dyson shows him the picture of the singed tarot card that Kenzi sent to his phone. He claims that they’re in for a heap of trouble, but he ultimately decides to go through with it when Dyson answers his earlier question of what’s in his heart re: Bo, the wolf calling her brave, stubborn, passionate, and true. While Dyson tries to convince Hale to be honest with Kenzi about the way he feels for her following three years of holding everything in, Lauren gets objectified by a customer who compliments her body as she walks away from his table. She goes over and apologizes to Crystal for rejecting her offer to go out earlier, only for the customer to begin choking on the food she served him. When the Heimlich doesn’t work, she gets him to lay down on the ground and uses a knife to cut a large slit down the middle of his throat; the customer is a diversity Fae and she’s able to reach into his throat and retrieve the food particle. All the while Crystal recorded it on her phone.

Dyson and Eddie find the dimensional shift necessary to locate Bo when they see a man in the distance occupying two places at once. Elsewhere, Hale brings a bouquet of sunflowers to Kenzi and makes her stand still long enough to tell her that he likes her, that she’s all he can think of, and that he wants to be a part of her life. Kenzi immediately leaps on him and begins kissing him, pulling away almost instantly and remarking how weird it was. She then sweeps the island off and the two climb on top, allowing her to take things further by reaching for his naughty bits. The two get interrupted, though, by Tamsin shrieking over her big blonde curls and new boobs, both of which she grew during a nap. Dyson and Eddie find a machine that the latter can’t identify and Dyson gets upset that he’s stuck with an obsolete tracker who doesn’t know how to track anymore. Just then, Cleo comes into the picture after following the two for a while and gets into a physical altercation with Dyson, who knocks one of her teeth out. The elemental Fae, able to command all four elements, confesses to being the infamous Eddie, taking on his gigs after he became indisposed by Selene in 1295.

Cleo then leads Eddie out to the train tracks where he gets ran over by a train and tells Dyson that the next one is coming at 8:15 and he needs a ticket. The ticket? The tarot card, which Dyson quickly rushes back to Bo’s to retrieve. While assuring him that she was only trying to help out a guy in trouble when she talked to him at the party, she puts the tarot in the machine that Eddie couldn’t understand. Lauren gets ahold of Dyson and he tells her that she’ll be on her own for now before agreeing to take care of Bo until she returns. Dyson and Cleo hop on the so-called death train, while Kenzi makes plans to meet with Massimo and get more spark extract, planning to hock a golden sphere in order to pay for it. Lauren and Crystal get drunk after their shift ends and Crystal agrees to delete the “alien” video off her phone, getting a hug in return. On her train, Bo gets enough energy from the blonde woman to open the door and she jumps out into the unknown below.

Additional thoughts and observations:
-“Peace out, losers. I’ma go play.”
-“Watching an animated bear dance to “Gangnam Style” is a basic life necessity.”
-“I think that guy just slapped my butt with his eyes.”
-“You know the words to five Avril Lavigne songs?”
-“Are they stupid? Can I still jump rope?”
-“Her skin is suspiciously flawless and I hate her so much.”
-I like how Kenzi’s stocking up on chocolate lube for Bo for when she comes home. I didn’t even know they made chocolate-flavored lube, so hey, the more you know.
-Here’s a little bit about who Endymion was in Greek mythology.
-More shocking: Eddie being hit by a train or Lauren cutting the Fae’s throat in the middle of the diner?
-I loved the shot of Bo looking out of her window and the pan out to see where she was. The colors were interestingly used and seeing how it was as if the train was the only thing in existence in Bo’s world provided a great sense of dread. Also great shots: Astrid removing the veil from her mouth and showing that she doesn’t have a mouth; Dyson spotting the man occupying two places at once.
-Little Tamsin was horribly annoying (by design), but I think mid-puberty Tamsin could be good for some laughs before regular Tamsin reappears later this season. Her mid-puberty hair made me think of Helena from Orphan Black in the 80’s.
-I hope that when the Morrigan returns, her reentry into the show is the campiest thing in the world. And that she brings the pain to Vex, who deserves a little more punishment for promising Bo to the Una Mens.
-Our first glimpse of the Una Mens and they look fairly intimidating. I’m just glad they’re already trying to fill in who they are (e.g. the moments in their lair, the deal they struck with Vex to get Bo) instead of leaving them as a faceless entity lurking in the background.
-Another good sign regarding the pacing and specificity of the season: Hale went ahead and confessed his feelings in the same episode Dyson encouraged him. Other shows would have had the moment he said something be disrupted by something or him chicken out instead of going through with it, but it’s encouraging that Lost Girl is bypassing those stall tactics and having him and Kenzi confront their feelings for one another.
-I like what they’re doing with Lauren. Although she loves Bo, she’s the one from the group who would be most likely to adapt to a life on the outside of Fae society and it seems as if the show is trying to tempt her into staying away from the life she once knew (e.g. Dyson telling her she’s on her own, her connection with Crystal). I don’t expect her to decide to stay a waitress or anything, but it’s a fun way to keep her involved in the show without seeming tacked on or extraneous.
-Are we heading for a Buffy season six-style plot with Kenzi and her addiction to the spark extract/having powers?
-Next week on Lost Girl: Bo puts her life on the line for a haunted family, while Lauren realizes she can’t run from her past anymore.