Lost Girl to End with Fifth Season

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lost girl

lost girlIn a newly uploaded Youtube video, Lost Girl star Anna Silk delivered the news that the Showcase drama will be ending after its upcoming fifth season. However, the news isn’t all bad, as the show will close its doors after a super-sized 16-episode final season that will be broken up into two eight-episode chunks. This will be Lost Girl‘s second extended season following its 22-episode second season, only the fifth and final season will be broken up, possibly in the same manner that Breaking Bad aired its final season (e.g. two eight-episode chunks that aired a year apart).

Lost Girl tells the story of Bo (Silk), a Succubus who feeds off of sexual energy. Since realizing that she’s apart of the Fae, she’s done everything she can to protect those she loves and keep herself unaligned in the on-going war between the Light and the Dark. In addition to Silk, Lost Girl stars Kris Holden-Ried (The Tudors), Ksenia Solo (Black Swan), Zoie Palmer (The Guard), and Rick Howland (Bon Cop, Bad Cop).

The fifth season of Lost Girl is set to premiere December 7th on Showcase in Canada, with its status on Syfy as yet undetermined. While the network picked up fellow Canadian drama Bitten for a second season, no announcement has been made regarding whether the fifth season of Lost Girl will air on American television. You can check out a recap of the fourth season finale of Lost Girl here.

Will you be watching the final season of Lost Girl? Are you disappointed that the show will be ending so soon? How would you like to see Lost Girl conclude Bo’s journey and the journey of those in her inner circle?