The Tomorrow People: Graceland Star Serinda Swan to Guest

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the tomorrow people

the tomorrow peopleAccording to The Hollywood Reporter, Serinda Swan (Graceland) has signed on for a guest role on CW genre series The Tomorrow People. She’s set to portray mysterious Cassie Smythe, a bank robbing breakout who shares the same psychic connection with Stephen as he does with Cara and the daughter of the Founder. Swan will make her first appearance on the show’s 13th episode, which will be airing during February sweeps.

One thing that Stephen and company have learned in their time fighting against Ultra is that the company (and all those who work within its walls) cannot be trusted, so even if he shares a psychic connection with Cassie, it’s going to take a lot for her to prove herself to the rest of the Tomorrow People. The shadow war that’s been going on has only gotten more intense and they cannot afford to let their guard down, not even for a potential breakout whose appearance in their world might not be accidental. For Cassie to be able to call the Tomorrow People her own, she’s either going to have to allow herself to be thoroughly vetted to make sure she’s not working along with The Founder as a way to sniff out where they’re hiding or make some type of grand gesture that showcases just how serious she is in her desire to become one with all those like her.

In addition to her role as Paige Arkin on the USA drama, Swan has appeared on the likes of Breakout Kings, Republic of Doyle, and Supernatural.

The Tomorrow People returns Wednesday, January 15th at 9:00 on The CW. The show will then move to Mondays at 9:00 beginning March 17th.

How do you think that Stephen will react to finding out that Cassie is the Founder’s daughter? Is Cassie going to be dangerous for the Tomorrow People or is she ultimately going to be an asset? Why would Cassie want to turn against her father and help the Tomorrow People triumph over him?