The Tomorrow People: Queer as Folk Alum Robert Gant to Guest Star

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the tomorrow people

the tomorrow peopleTVLine is reporting that Queer as Folk alum Robert Gant has signed on for a multi-episode arc on CW sci-fi series The Tomorrow People. He’s set to play Peter, Stephen’s mother Marla’s new boyfriend who raises the suspicions of her son. Stephen thinks that Peter is too good to be true and that he has ulterior motives in dating Marla, but he has to work to put the pieces together before anyone will believe him about Peter’s possible connection to Ultra.

The most likely connection between Peter and Ultra would be that Jedikiah hired him to infiltrate himself into Marla’s life in hopes of getting information on Stephen. Jedikiah knows that something’s amiss with his nephew, considering that both of his partners died quickly after being assigned to him and that he still has some type of loyalty to his people, and since he hasn’t been able to find anything out at Ultra, he figures it would be better to find him at home when he drops his guard. But Stephen has learned a lot during his short time in understand who he is and the most important lesson is to not trust anything Jedikiah says or does, to always question the motives of anything strange or suspicious around him as Jedikiah will stop at nothing to bring down the Tomorrow People.

In addition to his role on the Showtime gay drama, Gant has recently guest starred on the likes of Sean Saves the World, Baby Daddy, and Shameless. He’ll be appearing in the 10th episode of the series, as well as the 12th.

The Tomorrow People airs Wednesdays at 9:00 on The CW.

What kind of connection do you think Peter has to Ultra? Is this Jedikiah’s way of spying on Stephen, by using Peter to get close with Marla? How long will it be before Marla knows about Stephen’s powers?