Betrayal 1.07 Preview: Sara and Jack Deal with Their Affair Being Exposed

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betrayalFor the first six episodes of Betrayal, Sara and Jack were living in a fantasy world, a bubble where the only important things were sex, their feelings for each other, and more sex. They found the passion that was missing from their respective marriages in one another and quickly became intoxicated by how being together made them feel, as they were able to be themselves in a way that neither had been in a while. However, by attempting to stay too long in the infatuation phase of their relationship, Sara and Jack failed to be honest with one another and ended up getting too comfortable with their situation, raising Drew”s suspicions enough for him to do a little digging and find out about the affair. What was once an exciting distraction in otherwise humdrum lives that made them feel trapped and suffocated now threatens to destroy two marriages and leave Sara and Jack without anything they truly love in the world.

On the next episode of Många av dagens spelautomater är avancerade, och du kan spela på många kombinationer samtidigt. Betrayal, Sara and Jack must deal with the aftermath of having their affair exposed, as Drew informs Elaine of what he found out about their respective spouses. While Drew, ever the worker bee, throws himself even more into his job by pursuing evidence that could reopen the Lou Mrozek murder investigation, Elaine seeks support from an unlikely source, potentially Wine Guy Aidan, who has made no secret of his attraction to her. She has all the reason in the world to let herself go around him and allow herself the chance to feel the way with him that Jack felt with Sara, but Elaine might decide that the best way to get back at her husband for running out on her is to show him that she has opportunities to do the same – she just respects him and her marriage too much to act on them. Will knowing that his wife could just as easily do to him what he did to her make Jack recommit himself to Elaine, assuming she takes him back at all?

Elsewhere on Betrayal, Zarek resorts to drastic measures to deal with Brandy in a bid to impress Karsten.

Betrayal airs Sundays at 10:00 on ABC.

Will either Sara or Jack be able to save their marriages after their spouses find out about the affair? Is the Mrozek investigation going to be reopened once Drew submits the evidence he found? How much danger is Brandy in from Zarek”s ambition and need to impress Thatcher?