Betrayal Season Finale Preview: How Will It All End?

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betrayalSara had been warned by Drew that getting involved with someone like Jack, with his criminal connections and unsavory behavior under Karsten’s wing, would only lead her into trouble, that she would soon find herself in over her head. Although she heard and internalized what he said, she decided that her feelings for Jack were too strong to deny and that she was willing to take the chance on her relationship with him; unfortunately, Drew was proven right when Sara was gunned down in the gallery during one of her openings. Though it’s still unclear who was the one to pull the trigger, the only reason she was in the line of fire was her connection with Jack.

On the season finale of Betrayal, Sara’s shooting brings about massive fallout for both the Karsten family and her own family, as they must all deal with the choices they made that got them to this point. For one, Jack is forced to confront the guilt he feels for bringing Sara into the twisted, corrupt world that he inhabits with the likes of Thatcher Karsten; for another, Drew must reconcile his anger at Sara for straying from their marriage with his own role in things breaking down and his desire for her to come back to him. And there’s the whole matter of tracking down the shooter, something that Jack and Drew could conceivably collaborate on. The show pointed toward Vic pulling the trigger on his father’s lover by highlighting how much trouble he was having with his role in Lou’s death and having Thatcher try to convince him that Sara was the root of his parents’ problems. However, TJ was at the latter meeting and he has reason enough to want to seek revenge on Jack, so there’s a chance that he took it upon himself to try and gain the approval from his father that he had been seeking since his accident.

The season finale of Betrayal airs Sunday at 10:00 on ABC.

Who do you think shot Sara? Will there be any revenge sought for the shooting? Is there any chance Sara and Drew or Jack and Elaine give their respective marriages another try?