Betrayal 1.04 Preview: Does Drew Already Know About Jack and Sara?

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betrayalSara’s love for her husband Drew has yet to prove a match for her desire for Jack, not after her marriage has been seemingly put on ice now that Drew has expressed political interest. It’s not necessarily that she doesn’t want to work things out, though her instant connection with Jack certainly put a damper on them working things out – it’s that she can’t, because Drew has surrounded himself with work and doesn’t seem interested in communicating with her or putting in time toward bettering their relationship. But that doesn’t mean that he’s completely given up paying attention to his wife and her whereabouts, so on the next episode of Betrayal, Drew begins putting things together regarding the long periods of time Sara’s gone.

Though he doesn’t put everything together immediately, Drew makes progress toward figuring out what exactly Sara’s been doing while she’s away and whether the shoots she says she goes on actually exist. He may not be all the way present in both his home and his marriage due to professional commitments and ambitions, but he’s there enough to begin wondering and Sara hasn’t exactly been stealth about her extramarital activities; one strong wind of ambition and there’s a good chance that he picks up on exactly what she’s been up to over the past week or so. However, if Sara can bat him off this time and lie well enough for him to believe her, she might have bought herself enough time to cover up her tracks and figure out a way to continue her affair with Jack – this time, under the radar.

Elsewhere on Betrayal, Karsten resorts to unsavory tactics to keep himself in power, while T.J. begins running with the wrong crowd in prison.

Betrayal airs Sundays at 10:00 on ABC.

Do you think that Drew already knows about Jack and Sara? How low will Karsten go in order to keep his kingdom? Is T.J. putting himself in danger by associating himself with people who will take advantage of him?