Betrayal Spoilers: Will Sara and Jack Have Their Affair Exposed?

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betrayalAs much as they may have tried to fight their feelings, Sara and Jack can’t stay away from one another and decided that whatever risks they were taking by resuming their affair would be worth the trouble. Sara acknowledged that she had been changed by her encounters with Jack, especially since they’re the most alive the observer has felt in quite some time and contain the passion she’s missing from Drew, while Jack’s relationship with Elaine has been deteriorating due to how she approaches her life as a Karsten and the negativity surrounding the murder case. While it does make sense for them to be together, seeing as how they’ve found things in the other that they were missing at home, coming up on Betrayal, the chances of them being caught intensifies, with Drew possibly already in the know.

Listed below are the dates, titles, and descriptions of the next three episodes of Betrayal.

Sunday, October 20th – “…That is not what ships are built for.”
Drew confronts Sara about her recent whereabouts, but does he already know about Jack? And with the hold on his kingdom beginning to slip, Karsten resorts to unsavory tactics in an attempt to stay in power. Meanwhile, TJ tries to find his independence, even if it means running with the wrong crowd.

Sunday, October 27th – “…Nice photos.”
Sara and Jack’s secret trysts cause Jack to make an effort at home and Sara to blossom with a new sense of self-confidence. Meanwhile, T.J.’s new friend, Rodney, finds a crucial piece of evidence in Uncle Lou’s murder investigation. As Drew’s case of corruption and bribery is crumbling, he tries to coerce Brandy in a last-ditch attempt to trap Karsten.

Sunday, November 3rd – “…The things that drive men crazy.”
Sara’s concern about Jack’s and her relationship being exposed intensifies. Jack makes a difficult confession that leaves him vulnerable and exposed, but brings him closer to Sara than ever. Meanwhile, Drew obsessively tries to find out what his wife’s been up to.

Betrayal airs Sundays at 10:00 on ABC.

When do you think Sara’s affair with Jack will be exposed? Can Drew trap Karsten through intimidating and coercing Brandy?