Siberia 1.09 Preview: Who Has Taken Irene?

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siberiaWhen Irene and Miljan disappeared recently on Siberia, the group assumed that he had taken her in order to end her life. He had already attempted to kill her at least once and talked about it on more than one occasion, so considering his obviously deteriorating mental state and the fact that she couldn’t exactly fight back, it seemed likeliest that he was responsible for the disappearance. Of course, this was before the contestants found out that they weren’t alone out in the wilderness, but seeing as how they don’t want to consider the possibilities that arise that come with Irene being taken by someone other than Miljan, especially when it comes to their own fates, they’re still leaning on Miljan as the one responsible for the abduction.

On the next episode of Siberia, Miljan has returned to camp, but before Neeko or Sabina can kill him for what (they think) he did to Irene, he mentions that she was taken by someone. The details of the abduction shake the two up enough to where they begin searching for the missing rifle as a means of protecting themselves from whatever took Irene. While they don’t know if they can fully trust Miljan, not after everything that he’s done in recent episodes, they can’t afford to take the chance that he’s telling them the truth, not after what they’ve witnessed while out in the woods. With their numbers dwindling after the split and Esther and Annie’s disappearance, Neeko and Sabina are all each other has right now and if they’re going to survive the show, they’ll have to do whatever they have to in order to protect one another.

Elsewhere on Siberia, the group at the research station make a horrifying discovery, yet find themselves relatively comfortable as they learn about the history of the Siberian wilderness, while those back at the settlement face starvation.

Siberia airs Mondays at 10:00 on NBC.

Who do you think took Irene and are they responsible for taking Esther and Annie, as well? Is Miljan telling the truth that he didn’t have anything to do with any of it? Where is the rifle?