Siberia Season Finale Preview: The Rescue Team Arrives at the Research Facility

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siberiaThroughout the first season of Siberia, a win has been hard to come by for the contestants, especially once an early winter hit the country and caused the group to split into two. One could argue that simply surviving the cruel weather, producer manipulation, and threats lurking out in the woods would be considered great winds, especially considering the fates that fell the likes of Tommy and Natalie, but morale is about the only thing that the contestants have left to keep them going. Without it, they might need see a reason to keep fighting to go home; luckily, both groups had major victories on the most recent episode, with the research facility making contact with someone on the radio that Daniel fixed and the settlement group being led on a path that would take them out of the valley. But are they completely safe from the threats that could keep them from going home at last?

On the season finale of Siberia, the would-be rescue team arrives at the facility, yet rather than ask what the heck happened or check out the buildings to see if there’s anybody else there, the first thing they do is make the contestants get down on the ground. The language barrier is something that the remaining members of Siberia have managed to avoid due to having Sam around, but in their excitement at making contact on the radio, they didn’t listen to what the other end was saying, nor did they get an indication from the cameraman of who they were talking to and what was being said. While it didn’t matter to them then, it obviously matters now, since the people they thought would be their saviors are holding a gun at them and don’t speak enough English to communicate. Just who did the contestants connect with on the radio and why are they so aggressive?

Elsewhere on Siberia, after being reunited at the research facility, the contestants learn that one of their own is stuck in a hidden minefield surrounding the station.

Siberia airs Mondays at 10:00 on NBC.

Who do you think will make it out of Siberia alive? Will we see any previously eliminated contestants emerge during the finale? Can the contestants outsmart the rescue team they called at the end of the last episode?