Siberia Finale Spoilers: Who Will Make It Out Alive?

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siberiaThe remaining contestants on Siberia have been able to withstand pretty hellish conditions throughout their time in the wilderness. From green skies to sudden snowfalls and mysterious noises in the dark, they’ve fought and persevered past the point that many would be able to and yet, with two episodes to go this season, there’s so far left to go before they can make it off the show in one piece. In order for the likes of Neeko, Sam, Daniel, and Sabina to find their ways back home, they’re going to have to overcome their greatest obstacles yet – a vicious native tribe, unsettling news of experimentation on the cast, and a happy reunion ruined by one final trap and a rescue team that could have ulterior motives in picking up the stranded cast members. After all this, who will manage to make it out of the Siberian wilderness alive?

Listed below are the dates, titles, and descriptions of the final two episodes of Siberia‘s first season.

Monday, September 9th – “Strange Bedfellows”
Neeko (Neeko O.J. Skervin), Miljan (Miljan Milosevic), and Sabina (Sabina Akhmedova) are abducted by a hostile local tribe and, fearing for their lives, make a surprising discovery at natives’ camp. Meanwhile, Joyce (Joyce Giraud), Sam (Sam Dobbins), Johnny (John Wactor), and Daniel (Daniel David Sutton) are desperate to find a way to communicate with the world outside the research station and in the process, find unsettling evidence of strange and deadly experiments that have been conducted there and may well be ongoing with them as the subjects.

Monday, September 16th – “…Into the Oven”
Following the path shown to them by the Evenki natives, Miljan, Esther (Esther Anderson), Irene (Irene Yee), Annie (Anne-Marie Mueschke), Neeko, and Sabina come upon the research station where Joyce, Sam, Johnny, and Daniel have been holed up. But what might have been a happy reunion is complicated by the revelation that one of the contestants is stuck in hidden minefield surrounding the research station and the rescue party coming to save them might not be who they seem.

Siberia airs Mondays at 10:00 on NBC.

Do you think that the remaining contestants will make it out of Siberia alive? Is the game still going on and if so, who is the favorite to “win” the show? What type of experiments would those at the research facility have conducted on the contestants?