Mistresses 1.08 Preview: April is Stunned From the Latest Revelation About Paul

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mistressesIt took April three years to snap out of the grief that consumed her when Paul died and one conversation for the love she had for him to completely dissipate. After finding out from Miranda that Paul not only had an affair but a lovechild with a receptionist from Florida, April managed to let herself accept her new relationship with Richard. Of course, she was still thinking about Paul quite a bit, but the anger and heartbreak she was holding on to acted as just the right motivators she needed to allow someone like Richard into her life. But how will she react to Paul’s unlikely reemergence?

On the next episode of Mistresses, Paul confirms that he did intentionally fake his death, something that could shatter any chance April had at a normal post-marriage life. Knowing how she is about cheating, she won’t be able to be with Richard due to still being legally married to Paul; even if she had a more open minded about the specialness of her circumstances, the reasoning behind Paul faking his death could turn her off from being with (and trusting) another man for quite some time. There’s a chance that the death was planned along with Miranda, that he would make April think he had passed so that they could be together (off the grid?) and raise their son. We know that Miranda was talking to another person during her negotiations with April and that she faked Scottie’s injuries to get April to sell off part of the store, so it wouldn’t be shocking to find out that Paul was on the other end of the phone, helping his mistress extort money from the woman who thinks he died three years ago. Is there any chance at all that April isn’t completely devastated by Paul showing up to her home and (presumably) confessing to why he did what he did?

Elsewhere on Mistresses, Savi fights for her relationship with Harry, even as he gives her a brutal ultimatum, while Sam continues to stalk Karen and Joss wants to redefine her relationship with Alex.

Mistresses airs Mondays at 10:00 on ABC.

Why do you think Paul faked his death in the first place? Is there a particular reason he waited this long to come back? Whose baby is Savi currently carrying?