Mistresses 2.13 Sneak Peek: Is Scott His Own Worst Enemy?

by Shilo Adams 820 views0


mistressesScott is someone who has done Joss a lot of good. He’s helped her see that monogamy and commitment aren’t things to be feared; he’s shown her that she’s worthy of love and that she doesn’t have to stand on her own anymore. However, between his mother’s actions during her shopping trip with Joss and lingering anxieties from his bride-to-be as their wedding approaches, things aren’t as steady as he would like them. Scott is all about control and order and making sure things don’t go sideways, but will that bump up against Joss’s free spirit and reckless emotions?

On the season finale of Mistresses, Scott surprises Joss with an insta-wedding – he has the wardrobe, the music, the venue, and the preacher downstairs. Rather than subjecting her to the bloated, impersonal wedding of his mother’s dreams, he wants to have a private, romantic ceremony for just the two of them, a way for them to really connect and remind themselves of the love they have for the other. But Joss doesn’t like feeling forced into anything, nor does she like to conform under anyone’s terms but her own, and even if Scott had the best of intentions in putting this together, it could easily come off as him forcing her to marry him his way – his shoes, his dress, his preacher. With her own feelings about marriage (and her connection to Harry) still in flux, is Joss going to feel trapped by this display and rebel against the relationship that’s brought her so much good?

Elsewhere on Mistresses, Karen awaits the results of her HIV test, while April is forced to lean upon Daniel when Paul’s enemies come after her and Savi wonders whether to act upon the change of heart she recently had.

The second season finale of Mistresses is set to air Monday at 10:00 on ABC.

Do you think that Scott is inadvertently pushing Joss away by his insistence on getting married? How will the wait for her test results impact Karen’s state of mind and plans for her future? Could Savi’s change of heart have to do with her feelings toward Harry?