Magic City: Watch the Season 2 Premiere Here

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magic city starzStarz has released the second season premiere of period drama Magic City ahead of its television debut tonight. The series, which debuted last April and stars Jeffrey Dean Morgan as a Miami hotelier in the 1950s, had its first three season one episodes released prior to its official premiere in order to stir up word-of-mouth. It joins the likes of Da Vinci’s Demons, Spartacus, and Boss as Starz original series to have episodes uploaded before their air dates, as all four have had season/series premieres made available in advance.

Magic City left off last season with Ike catching murder charges for killing Jimmy Shoes, a hit man hired by Ben Diamond to take out Judi Silver, the lone witness to the murder of union head Mike Strauss. Season two picks up with Ike still in prison and the Evans family scrambling to figure out how to get him out of jail and back home as soon as possible; however, while Vera and Stevie are meeting with the rest of Ike’s team, including Meg, to figure out their next move, Danny is having doubts as to his father’s innocence and whether he should do something to ensure Ike doesn’t get off. Is Danny willing to act against the family in the name of ensuring justice and clearing his own conscience? Or will his love for Ike win out and prevent him from doing what could be the right thing?

Elsewhere on Magic City, Judi Silver testifies at the prodding of Klein and Ike comes up with a way to get Ben out of his life for good, a plan that involves Cuba and a potential trade involving the Miramar.

The second season of Magic City premieres tonight at 9:00 on Starz. You can check out sneak peeks from the episode here, as well as the first five minutes of the premiere here.

Will you be watching Magic City this season? Do you think that Ike’s plan to trade the Miramar for Cuba, as long as Ben is removed from the hotel, is smart? Just how safe is Judi Silver this season?