Magic City Season 2 Premiere Sneak Peeks: Vera Finds Out About Meg

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magic city

magic cityVera’s willful ignorance as to her husband’s activities has allowed him to become one of the leading figures in Miami and provide her with a lifestyle to which she’s grown accustomed. Though not a bad person by any stretch, the former dancer takes a decidedly hands off approach to dealing with Ike’s business life and avoids immersing herself in his world of business dealings and political chess. However, once he was arrested during the Magic City season finale last year, she had to put aside whatever discomfort that arose when she got too close to the financial side of Ike Evans and take charge of the family until they could get him bailed out. But what happens when, in trying to save her husband and free him from the bars he’s behind, she discovers that he hasn’t been completely honest with how he runs the Miramar?

On the second season premiere of Magic City, in rounding up the money to bail Ike out and begin preparing the way the family will handle his murder charge, Vera finds out that her husband sold part of the Miramar to Meg, his former wife’s sister and someone who she doesn’t exactly have the best relationship with. It wouldn’t matter who he sold the 15% stake in the hotel to, though, since he didn’t inform Vera of what he was doing and the shape that he left her, Stevie, and Danny before being put behind bars. With Ben Diamond growing more confident by the day and striking a major blow against Ike in the jail term, Vera will become that much more important to keeping the Evans brood in control of Miami; however, the only way she’ll be able to help Ike and keep the family safe is to be let in on exactly what’s going on. Is Ike ready for there to be that type of full disclosure in his marriage?

Elsewhere on Magic City, Ben fears that Ike will fold under the weight of the murder charges and offers an unexpected hand. Will Ike allow himself to accept help from Ben or would he rather rely on his family during his time of need?

The second season of Magic City premieres Friday, June 14th at 9:00 on Starz. You can watch the first five minutes of the episode here, as well as a season one recap below.

Who do you think will ultimately get Ike out of jail: his family or Ben? Will either Ben or Ike not make it to (a currently hypothetical) season three? What role will Stevie play in the second season, considering his relationship with Lily?