Magic City: Watch the First 5 Minutes of Season 2 Here

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magic city starzStarz’s period drama Magic City ended its first season last summer with the battle between hotel baron Ike Evans and feared mobster Ben Diamond only just beginning. After a season of push-pull between the two, all in the name of controlling ever-expanding Miami, Ike ended up behind bars and at the lowest point he’d been in his battle to stay on top. However, Ike Evans didn’t get to where he was by laying down at the first hint of adversity, so while Ben may be basking in the glow of a major blow against the Evans dynasty, he’s in for a tussle with a smarter, tougher Ike come season two.

That’s because Ike has decided to set up base in Cuba and use the island as a way to shield his family from the carnage to come. Cuba can provide not only a way for Ike to escape Miami, but additional resources needed to subdue Ben and win back the city he calls home. It’s an unusual play and one that could come off as a sign of weakness, as if he’s retreating rather than regrouping or adapting his strategy, but if it works out the best that it could, Ike won’t have to worry about Vera and the boys and can focus on emerging as the undisputed King of Miami. Is this the game-changing move that will tilt the scales in his favor?

New to this season of Magic City are the likes of James Caan as Sy Berman, Chicago mob boss and one of the only men able to intimidate Ben Diamond; Esai Morales as former Cuban rebel Carlos Ruiz; and Twin Peaks alum Sherilyn Fenn as Madame Renee, the owner of a Miami brothel and a known associate of Ben.

The second season of Magic City premieres Friday, June 14th at 9:00 on Starz.

Will you be watching Magic City this season? Who do you think will ultimately come out on top: Ike or Ben? Is Ike’s family safe this season or are we looking at a potential death looming in the distance?