The Killing Season 3 Sneak Peeks: Holder Pays Linden a Visit

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the killing

the killingA lot has changed since the last time we checked in with Detectives Holder and Linden on The Killing. Holder has stayed on with Seattle PD despite the absence of his partner and cleaned up his act to become something resembling a “normal” detective, while Linden made good on her promise to quit the force following the resolution of the Rosie Larsen case. Her life has become a different shade of normal than Holder’s, in that she’s developed a low-key but ultimately beneficial routine that allows her to live the life she didn’t get to while working as a detective. Linden’s been able to get her mind right, reconnect with her son, and take better care of herself, but what happens when she’s confronted with something from her past that could drag her back into the eye of a murder investigation?

On the third season premiere of The Killing, Holder gets an assignment relating to a missing street kid and the more evidence he gathers, the more he connects it to a former case of Linden’s. Although they haven’t been as close in the 18 months following the events of season two, he pays her a visit, likely looking to question her about details of the closed case and get a sense of how he should proceed in the coming days. Linden thought she put her career as a detective behind her once the Rosie Larsen case was finished, choosing instead to focus on family and her own mental health. However, there’s a part of her that will always thrive in situations like this; the only question is, once she gets involved in Holder’s case, can she keep herself together and not lose all the progress she’s made toward bettering her life?

The third season of The Killing premieres Sunday, June 2nd at 8:00 on AMC. You can check out a behind the scenes look at the season here, as well as an additional promo here.

Will you be watching The Killing this season? How do you think Linden will react to Holder’s presence after the two lost contact? Is she going to be able to emotionally handle another case after tasting what life is like off the force?