Grimm Season 2 Finale Preview: The Gang Learns More About The Baron

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GrimmThus far on Grimm, Nick’s opponents have tended to be either solitary creatures or unintelligent enough groups that are easily picked off. While he’s grown by leaps and bounds as a Grimm over the past two years, he’s yet to see everything that the Wesen world can throw at him and that unfamiliarity leads to a cloud of danger following him around wherever he goes. Is this case going to be the one he can’t figure out? Is this Wesen going to be the one he doesn’t know how to defeat? It’s a scary time to be Detective Nick Burkhardt, no matter how much support he has from the likes of Hank, Monroe, and Rosalee, especially since he’s facing his toughest Wesen yet in The Baron.

On the next episode of Grimm, the gang has gathered at the shop to continue looking into the string of “undead” that have popped up around Portland. A flurry of rage-fueled assaults has drawn attention and can be traced back to The Baron, since the final step in the evolution of his victims is erratic and explosive violence. Seeing as how he infected an entire busload of people last week, the Crocher-Martel has plenty of hired guns (so to speak) ready and willing to do his bidding, but Nick having the resources that he does means that he can figure out a way to eradicate the city of them once and for all. It’s something that he has to do quickly, though, because if he lets The Baron shoot his saliva on enough people, there might be too many for even a Grimm of his caliber to deal with.

Elsewhere on Grimm, Stefania and Frau Pech continue to use Adalind as a pawn in their feud, while Renard learns that Eric’s in town on family business.

The season finale of Grimm is set to air Tuesday at 10:00 on NBC.

How will Nick be able to defeat The Baron? Will this conflict carry over into season three? Who will ultimately come out on top between Frau Pech and Stefania?