The Client List 2.08 Preview: Riley is Racked with Guilt

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the client list

the client listRiley made a decision last week on The Client List that will stick with her for a time to come. When faced with an offer to sleep with handsome single dad Dylan for $50,000, she initially found herself morally opposed to the idea, considering that it was a line that she didn’t want to cross and turn herself into something she didn’t want to be. However, financial pressures ultimately got the best of her and she ended up going through with the act, which will end up paying for electrical repairs at The Rub, Linette’s rehab, and testing for Travis’ learning disability, among other things. But now that the incident is over and Dylan is in Hong Kong for at least the next six months, has Riley absolved herself of the guilt from going through with it?

On the next episode of The Client List, Riley is wracked with guilt from her time with Dylan, both for the moral aspect of it and the fact that technically, she cheated on Kyle. No one in her life would bat an eyelash at the idea of Riley moving on and finding someone new after everything Kyle put her through, but we’ve seen from how she dealt with the Evan situation that Riley is holding on tightly to her wedding vows and doesn’t want to do anything that would hurt her husband or her kids. To absolve herself of the internal guilt, she goes to church with Lacey and Georgia, but will she find it within herself to confess what she did? If so, how would Lacey and Georgia react to the news?

Elsewhere on The Client List, Evan goes on his first date with Shelby, while Kyle prepares the testify with some guidance from his lawyer and Selena warns Derek about Lisa, inadvertently revealing something about herself in the process.

The Client List airs Sundays at 10:00 on Lifetime.

Should Riley feel guilty about sleeping with Dylan? Do you constitute what she did as cheating, considering Kyle’s disappearance and stint in jail? Will Evan be able to get over Riley with the help of Shelby?