The Client List 2.06 Preview: Is Riley Pondering a Career Change?

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the client list

the client listIn the whirlwind life of Riley Parks, there’s very little down time and even less pleasure for pleasure’s sake. She may get to sneak in an indulgence here and a run by herself there, but most of the time, she’s running from one responsibility to the next, always having something to worry about and another thing to have to fix. Even if she wanted to carve out time for herself or explore one of her passions, when would she be able to do it?

On tonight’s episode of The Client List, Riley finds herself with an opportunity for something she had long since given up. One of her clients has a connection to a big time music agent, thus getting her to reconsider her dream of singing professionally. Having gotten pregnant at a young age, there’s not been much on Riley’s mind in recent years but providing a stable environment for her family; it’s the entire reason she decided to take on more  at The Rub, or even work there in the first place, so now that she’s righted the ship following Kyle’s disappearance, it should be interesting to see how much credence she gives this notion of performing. A part of her will always love being out on stage and feeling the spotlight hit her, as we saw last week during her performance with Katie, but is this something she’s going to want to pursue on a regular basis? Or now that she has a full plate and a family to think about, is this dream arriving a little too late to be feasible?

Elsewhere on The Client List, Lacey is suspicious that Dale’s been living a secret life, while Kyle encounters trouble from a fellow inmate, Evan gets closer to Shelby, and Selena teases Derek about the frequency of massages booked by his client Lisa.

The Client List airs tonight at 10:00 on Lifetime.

Should Riley really be thinking of adding another item on her massive to-do list? Is Kyle getting out of jail a lost cause at this point or is it only a matter of time before he’s out? How long will it take before Derek and Selena hook up?