Nashville: “I Saw the Light” 1.16 Review ~ I Am Zen

by Carissa Pavlica 782 views0

Nashville-i-saw-the-lightThe tour heads to New York City and just about everybody is in tow. Rayna took Tandy, Maddie and Daphne; Juliette took her mom and her sober coach and Deacon managed to talk Stacy into coming along with their dog named Sue. If anybody thought bring their friends and family along was going to make thing easier, they were sorely mistaken.

Maddie announced to Rayna she wanted to be a professional singer, and it couldn’t have come at a worse time in Rayna’s life. Traveling with a hot new act twice as young as her and with her marriage falling apart, there’s little doubt she’s blaming part of that on choosing her career over her life. Worthless character of the year (and most worthy of an unexpected death) Teddy is busy playing sex games with his newly appointed special something or other cabinet member Peggy Kenter and seeing Deacon with another woman even digs at her.

One of my favorite moments happened early in the hour when Juliette was attempting to reach her Zen spot with the coach and her mama with a giant billboard shining in through her hotel window. Juliette still doesn’t get how much work has gone into the many years that have created the success that is Rayna Jaymes. She’s trying, but not necessarily willing to put in the effort to get there. At least she’s trying with Dante to act a little more like an adult and keep herself under control. Let’s admit it. Part of it is because he’s hot. As much as I’d love to say it’s because of her desire to get closer to Jolene, Juliette isn’t that magnanimous.  After all, she is snaking him away from helping Jolene to use as a business coach. She has a long way to go before she gains the title of caring daughter. At least she got her crap together in time to dedicate a song to her mama at the concert.

It was so awkward how uncomfortable Stacy was once she realized Deacon had a past with both Rayna and Juliette. Knowing Susan Misner, who also plays opposite herself on Wednesdays on FX’s The Americans was upped to series regular over there, so I’m not certain how long she’ll be gracing Nashville with her presence. Which is a shame, because between the three women for whom Deacon is currently pining, only one returns the feeling without strings, and that’s Stacy. I’d love to see him in a regular relationship, turning his back on both of the women who want to use him for their own purposes instead of giving him what he needs.

Gunnar and Scarlett – I just don’t care. Bored to tears. The new guy who moved in…where is he from? He’s going to be trouble. Or, I sure as hell hope he is because he’s a hot number who could use a little air time.

Avery isn’t giving up despite being about as down as he can be from a few weeks ago. He’s totally blackballed due to his contract, but singing on street corners to keep from losing it all. Good for him. Then he got a tip on being a roadie in NYC. What’s our guess he’s heading out to be with Juliette and Rayna?

I’m going to pretend the political aspect of Nashville doesn’t exist in the hopes that if enough of us hope it goes away, it will. If the show gets a season two, that’s the part that needs to disappear like so many characters on shows that are there one year and gone the next. I don’t even care that Lamar had a heart attack. Either get on board with the musical portion of the show, or get the hell out of Nashville and head on over to  show called Washington, DC.

A personal note, I’m leaving the state of Colorado soon, but tonight the girls who play Maddie and Daphne, Lennon and Maisy Stella, did an absolutely fantastic rendition of Colorado band The Lumineers “Ho Hey” when Rayna let them perform during a soundcheck. Knowing that stopping their dreams would do more to fuel them than giving them the opportunity to live that dream with her support and backing. They really have the best voices and to hear them sing one of my favorite songs floored me. Thanks Nashville for that little something special for my night.