Suburgatory 2.19 Sneak Peek: George Agrees to Pose for a Calendar

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suburgatoryRecently on Suburgatory, Tessa had to face the fact that she’s lost her big city edge after being in the suburbs for nearly two years. The acidic, cynical young girl who moved to Chatswin in the series premiere is no more, having been replaced by someone who is down the food chain not for her gruffness but for simply being uncool. We’ve seen Tessa become more comfortable with her surroundings and adapt to the Chatswin way of life, even getting a boyfriend and a pretty great best friend for her troubles, but she’s not the only member of the Altman family whose edges have been rounded off. Will George have to face how different he is after living in the suburbs?

On the next episode of Suburgatory, George has agreed to pose for a “Dads of Chatswin” calendar, which gives him body image issues he didn’t have before and turns him against Noah and Fred. They try to warn George from participating in the calendar shoot, as they both do it every year and don’t want to be upstaged by the new guy in town, but he’s decided to go through with it and have a little fun in the process. When Suburgatory began, George was the one always pushing Tessa to step outside of her comfort zone and to extend herself to the people around her; although he loves his daughter immensely, he knew that towns like this aren’t the most forgiving to people who go against the norm. Now, though, he’s following his own advice and hoping to become even more accepted by the Chatswin elite. Will the calendar shoot ultimately be a good experience for George?

Elsewhere on Suburgatory, Dalia has mysteriously buddied up to Tessa and Lisa makes it her mission to find out why.

Suburgatory airs Wednesdays at 8:30 on ABC.

What month do you think George will end up with? Will the other dads of Chatswin band together and force him out of the shoot? Are the body image issues that result from agreeing to the shoot going to hurt his relationship with Dallas?