Suburgatory 2.13 Sneak Peek: Tessa Goes to Dallas for Advice

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SUBURGATORYOne of the first connections Tessa had to Chatswin was with Dallas Royce, the Real Housewives wannabe with a high voice, a penchant for pink, and a whole lot of enthusiasm. While Dallas was quite the handful and a complete culture shock to the cynical New Yorker, she meant well and throughout the run of Suburgatory, she continued to show how much her outside didn’t matter. Behind the glamour and the opulence was a woman who couldn’t get through to her daughter and needed an outlet for the maternal love she had to give, something she found in Tessa. The two might have drifted a bit during the current season, but on tonight’s episode, they reconvene with the talk turning to boys.

Tessa and Ryan are heading to an art house movie on one of their date nights; it should be an activity right up her alley and one that bores him to death, only it turns out to be the complete opposite. Tessa hated the movie while Ryan liked it and that difference freaked her out a bit. They’re in the very beginning of their relationship and with that typically comes moon eyes and (seemingly) eternal bliss, so the movie showed Tessa that maybe they’re not in the honeymoon phase anymore. Maybe now’s the time when the work to build their connection into something real begins. With their already clear differences in personality and disposition, they’re going to have to put in that much more time to make their relationship last. Are they ready for that?

Elsewhere on Suburgatory, Sheila’s mother Gam Gam comes to town for a visit. While she turns her daughter into even more of a Type-A worrywart than she was before, Gam makes it her mission to get Lisa and Malik back together. Lisa has recently came around to the idea of being with Malik again, but will it be too late? Can the two make it work?

Suburgatory airs tonight at 9:30 on ABC.

Will Dallas’ advice work for Tessa and mend the minor rift between her and Ryan? What type of procedure do you think Dallas had done? Should Lisa and Malik get back together?