Deception 1.06 Preview: Getting Away with Murder

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DeceptionThe reveal of the true maternity of Mia Bowers might have broken the family for good and everything that comes after it, beginning tonight on Deception, looks to make sure the Bowers family is never the same again.

When last we saw Mia, she had fled her cotillion upon finding out that her life had hit the tabloids, opting to leave the festivities on the back of Kyle’s motorcycle. Once away from the pomp and circumstance of her “entry into adulthood”, Mia and Kyle end up taking exile in an empty vacation home that belongs to one of his friends until the storm blows over. Mia also has the motivation of not wanting to be around her family at this time, particularly Robert and Sofia, who she feels betrayed by for not telling her about her mother before it hit the internet.

While Mia’s away, the subject of her father comes up, causing Joanna, Robert, and Sofia to get into an argument at the dining room table. If her father was merely a one night stand or an old boyfriend, it wouldn’t have garnered that reaction; what we see in the preview suggests that Mia’s father was someone who shouldn’t have been involved with Vivian in the first place, someone who Robert let around his daughter and who took advantage of the young girl. Is the Bowers family about to get even more dysfunctional and damaged once the truth comes out?

Elsewhere on Deception, Will goes to Edward and digs for answers regarding Vivian’s murder. Will he be able to find anything out from the elusive Bowers brother, particularly if Edward’s as motivated to become proactive in the investigation as the preview suggests? Or is Edward Bowers a stone wall that Will won’t be able to get through, regardless of approach or number of times attempted?

Deception airs tonight at 10:00 on NBC.

Who do you think fathered Vivian Bowers? Given Joanna’s reaction in the preview, could the father’s identity be even more sinister than she imagined? What will it take for Will to get answers from Edward?