Deception 1.11 Preview: The Killer is Revealed

by Shilo Adams 700 views0

The Vivian Bowers case has taken several twists and turns this season on Deception, with Robert, Edward, Julian, and Senator Haverstock all having been the prime suspect at some point. Joanna’s off the case for the time being after confessing to sleeping with Julian, but she’s the most knowledgeable person about the Bowers family, especially after spending as much time undercover as she has, and Will will have to swallow his pride to get her back on the job. When she officially returns to duty, just how close will Joanna be to solving the case and figuring out who killed Vivian and brought her back into the destructive Bowers orbit?

On the season finale of Deception, the Bowers case has been reopened and the killer is revealed shortly after. The previous episode pointed at Haverstock being the killer, since he and Vivian were still in contact at the time of her death and he knew about Ben Preswick. Of course, Audrey confessed to taking out Preswick, but she could’ve been lying or working along with Haverstock, who has the motivation to join forces with Kirchner-Sims to take out Robert Bowers. This being a murder mystery, though, there could always (and will likely) be a last-minute surprise that exonerates Haverstock and puts the heat on someone no one’s expecting. Is there a chance that someone like Sofia could have been responsible for the death of Vivian?

Elsewhere on Deception, Edward decides what to do regarding his wife’s condition and vows to seek revenge on those responsible for what happened to her. Ever since he found out about the botched test results and the falsified murder weapon, he’s been wanting to do right and make up for the bad that Robert’s done in the world, so if Robert had something to do with the murder of Sam, Edward will have that much more motivation for revenge.

The season finale of Deception airs tonight at 10:00 on NBC.

Who do you think killed Vivian? How will Joanna react to finding out the identity of the person responsible for killing her (former) best friend? What will Edward decide to do regarding his wife?