Happy Endings 3.09 “Ordinary Extraordinary Love” Preview

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Happy Endings-OrdinaryIf you watch Happy Endings’ new episode, “Ordinary Extraordinary Love” tonight, only to feel like you’ve missed something, you probably have. ABC is offering up a double dose of Happy Endings each week this winter with new episodes on both Sundays and Tuesdays, making tonight’s episode the second one this week (you’ll have to catch Sunday’s “Foul Play/Date” on the ABC app). This means, it’s time to rush back to your DVR and reprogram it…stat!

On tonight’s Happy Endings, a popular young pop star makes a stop at Alex’s store and buys one of her dresses. Penny convinces here that she needs to seize the opportunity to gain some publicity; however, it turns out that the old adage that “All press is good press” may not exactly be true.

Jane and Derrick decide to take Max, who is in the middle of an identity crisis, on a tour of Chicago’s themed gay bars. Dave and Brad make the decision to be more “manly” and go on a hunt to fix things around the house.

Can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode of Happy Endings? Get a sneak peek at “Ordinary Extraordinary Love” below.

Happy Endings airs Sundays 10/9c and Tuesdays 9/8c on ABC.



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