Chicago Fire Review: "God Has Spoken"

by Carissa Pavlica 1,023 views0

chicago_fire_god_has_spokenThere is never a dull week on  Chicago Fire and “God Has Spoken” was no exception. When we last saw Shay and Dawson they were being T-boned in the middle of a Chicago intersection in their rig. Thankfully, Shay is alright barring a head injury, and somehow it seems Severide is taking the brunt of it. He seems more worried about himself than Shay, and it annoys me that even after almost losing his best friend, he can”t see how close he is to the edge of losing absolutely everything in his life.

The saying goes that you have to reach rock bottom before you have the power to drag yourself back to the top, and it seemed Kelly would need to scrape the very far reaches of the blackest part of his soul before he could walk the road to recovery. It ain”t gonna be pretty, but he reached to Dawson for help. It seemed a bit too easy, and I wouldn”t be surprised if he slipped again before really making the commitment. I really don”t want he and Shay to lose their incredible friendship, so I”m really pulling for him.

Casey”s talk with his sister didn”t give me any indication for the bombshell he dropped while visiting his mom – that she killed his father. How can he be such an incredible person after the absolute crap he must have suffered in his life? I must know more. There are so many layers to the characters on Chicago Fire and we”ve barely begun to scratch the surface of any of them.

How clever was it to pair Mills with Dawson while Shay is unable to work? It will add an entire new dynamic to Dawson”s feelings for Casey, because she genuinely doubts he has any for her. She”s wrong, of course, but the attraction between she and Mills is real, as well. I loved when he mentioned how nice it smelled, like vanilla candles or something, and she said it was her body lotion. Whew! Thank goodness they”re familiar with fire, because they almost started one right there.  With the last scene of the episode, they have created a genuine love triangle, and one that I am genuinely interested in watching.

If you”ve been following the news lately, you have probably noticed the overwhelming number of police killing dogs just for living in their own homes. They bark and protect as they are supposed to, and instead of attempting to subdue the animal and get on with their job, they end up in the national news because they have shot a loving family pet. Mills using a sedative to fill a tasty snack and knock the dog out when he and Dawson responded to a call was brilliant. It seems very simple, doesn”t it?

Why does every business venture Herrmann enters into have to contain some horrible catch? How on earth would such a great guy and family man unwittingly end up practically a partner in a call girl business? His wife was so incredible with it. She didn”t even have to ask why the guy wasn”t someone he didn”t want to work with, because she loves him enough to know with as hard as he has worked to find a way to get them back on their feet, it had to have merit.

The only story I”m having a hard time getting on board with it the Cruz debacle. He knew what he was doing was wrong from the very beginning. He was pissed at his brother for being involved with the gang in the first place and he fell in to the same damned trap he was in and came out worse in the end. How am I supposed to support a character with that motivation? Personally, I just can”t.

So great to have the show back. What did you think? Highest season ratings so far, so things are going well!