Chicago Fire Review: Rear View Mirror

by Carissa Pavlica 928 views0

My attention span is even worse than I thought, because I thought I understood what was happening with Dawson on Chicago Fire. I didn’t. My bad! Silly me thought her job was to rescue people. My inclination, given her position, would be to save someone if they were 30 seconds from death and there was no other help in sight. It appears I, too, would be losing pay and written up repetitively.

Considering the number of time it’s necessary for either Dawson or Shay to do a trach to save someone’s life while in the field, wouldn’t it behoove the Chicago Fire Department to teach them how to do it rather than consistently write them up for doing it? Especially when, to date, they haven’t killed anyone, but have saved people by using the procedure? As a civilian, if I were in the street and someone wasn’t breathing and they were nearing death, I’d go all MAcGyver, beg for a pocket knife and a Bic pen (do people still carry them??) and perform one myself if I thought it would keep someone from dying right in front of me.

I’ve really enjoyed how the CFD has been portrayed in Chicago Fire so far, so I’m hoping they go the message loud and clear that what they are doing out there isn’t just lifting people onto a bed and rushing them to a hospital, but saving them in the process. The next story I expect to see if a class where every one of them learns how to perform that procedure should the need arise. Heed me NBC!

Hallelujah!  Casey saved the life of one of Voight’s future minions and his mom. Sure, Voight could keep him out of jail some day, but the kid can do that himself by steering clear of crime. Can he rescue himself and his mother from a burning building without dying? Not so sure about that. Who’s the hero now Voight? Sadly, now he and his son can share adjoining cells. Although, realistically, the judge may just go easy on his son for having such a crap father. If his son plays his cards right, cries and says he wanted to turn himself in for what he did, but his bully of a father wouldn’t allow him, Voight could take the entire wrap himself. It’s such a shame to think of the lengths people will go to to get themselves out of trouble when they could have avoided it in the first place.

We received a bit of  a break from this week from Kelly’s addiction. Thank you! Seeing him go off the rails can only be experienced for so long before you want to reach in and take him into your arms and smack the hell out of him. When you see what everyone was willing to do for Dawson to make sure she didn’t lose too much pay, imagine what they would do for him if he got his much-needed surgery.

A few other thoughts:

**I don’t think Hallie and Casey are long for this world. They have so little in common.
**Did anyone else notice a hint of something in Shay’s eyes as she asked on behalf of Cruz if Peter’s sister was in the restaurant? New love interest?
**Mouch really came through for Dawson. He had me worried for a while, but it was a proud moment when the family showed up as support.
**Chief Boden has to be the best Chief ever to grace a firehouse on television. Eamonn Walker just nails it.