“Switched At Birth” Actress to Headline “Chicago Fire” Spin-off According to TVLine

by Carissa Pavlica 748 views0

Tania-raymondeWell, despite the fact I can’t imagine people loving seeing cops arrive at their doorstop in Chicago nearly as much as they do the fire department, it appears NBC is still moving forward with it’s plans to introduce a back-door spin-off to a police oriented version of Chicago Fire.

I’m not going to outwardly complain, because it seems to mean Chicago Fire  is a shoe in for a second season, and that is most definitely good news. Any series that can make me laugh and cry in the same episode is right up my alley. Come to think of it, it reminds me a lot of Parenthood but in a firehouse. There are a lot of similarities there, for two very different shows.

Nonetheless, the actress in question is Tania Raymonde and she’ll be playing a character named Nicole. She was a player in Lost, as Alex Rousseau, for years. Better known as the adoptive daughter of Ben Linus, she was killed because Ben would not listen to her kidnapper’s demands. More recently she played Zarra on Switched at Birth. Zarra was a wild child with a bohemian father and took Bay to places her family just didn’t find all that comforting. She left on a search for her father, leaving Bay behind to make amends with her own two dads.

According to TVLine, Chicago Fire Executive Producer, who has had past success with the Law and Order for the Peacock Network will head up the the spin-off with Chicago Fire creators/executive producers Derek Haas and Michael Brandt and executive producer Matt Olmstead.

There hasn’t been any news as to whether any current Chicago Fire cast members will be joining the new series, but if I could take my pick, I’d choose Cruz (Joe Minoso) because I can’t stand the character and Capp (Randy Flagler) because he just doesn’t have enough to offer in his current role.

Do you think they can create the same magic with the Chicago PD that they have with the Chicago FD? I’m doubtful. Weigh in!