Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 2.08 Sneak Peek: June Has a New Friend

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dreama walker

dreama walkerWhen Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 began, Chloe and June didn’t exactly seem like people who would get along. The naive Midwestern girl and the edgy city dweller had diametrically opposed dispositions, career paths, and life experiences, but by the time the second season rolled around, they had taken steps toward meeting one another in the middle. Chloe showed signs of caring about June and June grew a backbone to avoid letting anyone walk all over her, though coming up on Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, there’s another woman threatening their friendship.

With the beginning of any new job comes an introduction to a wide array of new people and June is now taking the social plunge at her job with Harken Financial. There she meets Fox, a fellow junior analyst who has pet sea monkeys, gives tips on keeping lunch fresh, and compliments her power brooch – so, she’s pretty much the perfect friend. However, when June tells Chloe about her new friend, Chloe informs her that Fox isn’t her friend; Fox is her nemesis. All the jewelry comments and questions about June’s family weren’t from how nice and curious Fox was about the latest employee at the company. They came about due to Fox scoping out June’s weakness to use against her at a later date…or were they? Could Chloe be lying to her roommate in order to keep her from pursuing a friendship with another person?

Elsewhere on Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, Mark goes to James for advice on how to express his feelings for June, extending a friendship that first popped up earlier this season and reappeared on the trip to the Hamptons

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 returns from winter hiatus Sunday, January 6th at 10:30 on ABC. For the first three weeks of the year, the show, along with Happy Endings, will air new episodes on both Sundays and Tuesdays, staying in their 9:30 slot for the latter.

Do you think that Mark will find a way to tell June how he feels about her? Is Fox June’s nemesis? If so, will Chloe destroy her for daring to harm her friend?