The X Factor’s LA Reid To Depart Show After Season 2

by Rachel Brumm 659 views0

The X FactorA midst the drama of last night’s elimination on The X Factor that sent the once favorited Emblem 3 home while the often criticized girl group, 5th Harmony, headed to next week’s finals, there was one announcement during last night’s results show that topped the surprise of the elimination itself. This year’s “Over 25’s” group mentor and the only person remaining from season one (besides Simon Cowell, of course), LA Reid, will not be returning for the third season of The X Factor.

According to the future ex-judge for The X Factor, his decision to leave the show was so that he could focus on his company, Epic Records, which he has been “neglecting” while working on The X Factor. In an interview with Access Hollywood, LA said that he was saddened to be leaving, “but only a little bit,” which begs the question as to if there is more to his departure than he is letting on.

The Epic Records CEO made it no secret that he was unhappy with being “stuck” with the older contestants on this season of The X Factor, even telling the singers themselves that they were his last choice.  Throughout the season, he seemed to become increasingly frustrated with the process and some of the contestants, even telling the ladies of 5th Harmony that they should be called “5th Unison” due to their lack harmony within their performances.

Regardless of why LA has chosen to leave the show, his expertise will be missed, but undoubtedly replaced with, hopefully someone in the business with as much experience as him and not another judge that is simply on the show for shock value.

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