Vampire Diaries Review: “O Come, All Ye Faithful”

by Carissa Pavlica 661 views0

O Come, All Ye FaithfulI was trying to figure out exactly where to start this review, and I realized it just had to be Tyler and his mom talking about his plan to absorb Klaus and encase himself in cement for a year and Mrs. Lockwood worrying about him missing graduation. Of all the things that are going on in Mystic Falls, graduation and senior year seem to be on everyone’s mind, Caroline’s included. What a strange little show our Vampire Diaries is.

Other than that whimsy, pretty much everything went wrong.

I don’t even know what the hell was going on, to be honest. Professor Shane and Hayley had some sort of a plan to do something. We knew that, but learned tonight that it was to find Hayley’s parents. I didn’t know her parents were missing. It all came down to some sort of a sacrifice of 12 hybrids. We never did learn the purpose of the sacrifice (to revive Silas?), but it didn’t matter, because Klaus got wind of what was going on with Tyler’s plan to kill him ( different plan, also involving the 12 and I missed how Klaus sniffed out the plan) and slaughtered the lambs himself. To ensure Tyler felt as alone as he did, he also killed Carol Lockwood.

So, two plans, two complete failures.

Also, Damon was supposed to de-sire (he already desires) Elena. He waited a little too long, and Caroline opened her big mouth and told her new BFF Stefan. Now Stefan thinks Damon went against his word, so any mending of fences they had done has collapsed as well.

Speaking of idiotic things Caroline did – she played dead in front of April and then compelled her to forget. But April has been wearing Jeremy’s vervain bracelet and can’t be compelled. Now she knows something ain’t quite right with Mystic Falls and being Miss Mystic Falls has a few drawbacks.

Elena and Damon are still in love, but her body just thinks it should be elsewhere. What the hell good does that do for anyone? If I were Stefan, Elena is the last person I would want under the circumstances. Forcing someone who loves you to stay away is torture, and doesn’t make them love someone else. I don’t understand that plot line and I hope it becomes clearer when the show returns.

Who am I kidding, I hope a lot of things become clearer when Vampire Diaries returns. This was a horrible mid-season finale. There. I said it. It was confusing, relatively pointless and showed just how alone each and every character on the show has become. Most of them through their own lame actions. Caroline is a bitch, Stefan is a control freak, Klaus is a cold blooded killer, Tyler was just enjoying being an Alpha, Hayley trusted the wrong person and Bonnie and Jeremy are trusting him now, too. Elena and Damon seemed like the only people who were in a sane place, and he just compelled her to stay away from him.

Aaaaaack. Frankly, I was loving this season until this whole sire bond thing happened. And this….this holiday tripe was just awful. I can only hope we see a change for the better in January. Please.