Global YouTube channels for The X Factor and Got Talent

by Supreet Bhatia 734 views0

the-x-factorBoth the Talent shows want to build a worldwide audience and gauge maximum revenue from online advertisements and highlighting national shows.

London – the all-time hit Talent shows The X Factor and Got Talent got their exclusive global YouTube channels, launched by Syco Entertainment and FremantleMedia, of RTL Group, which is also joint-venture of Sony and Simon Cowell. Although, the shows had their channels on Google’s highly popular video site, but they classified according to countries. As per the producers, this step has been taken towards building a global audience and a single platform, where the viewers, from all across the world can visit, watch the shows, engage and share views through a single channel.

The channels are all set to showcase the best and most popular content, derived from all the local franchises of the show, worldwide. And what’s more, the producers have also decided to create some brand new content, like weekly highlights, playlists of the best and worst auditions, spin-off shows and much more, to be released exclusively on these YouTube channels.

CEO, Digital & Branded Entertainment of FremantleMedia, Keith Hindle said that through YouTube, the shows will be able to obtain a global reach, for the very first time. He also said that these channels are the best way to showcase a brand and at the same time, make way into the hearts of viewers, who are already very active and love to engage through this amazing online community.

Got Talent’ has quite recently launched its 55th local version, which is an achievement par excellence in the history of talent shows. On the other hand, The X Factor has made its way through 25 territories, across the world. Regional channels of Got Talent have been hugely popular in the past few years, where Britain’s Got Talent’s YouTube Channel has achieved 1.4 million views, and The X Factor UK has reached around 1.7 billion views. Let’s see how many manifolds it’s going to be for the global channels!