Hart of Dixie Review: Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me

by Carissa Pavlica 584 views0

The CW is NOT ABC Family. You want to know how I know? When high school football player Max fell for Zoe on Hart of Dixie, although the entire town wanted her to lead him on until the big football game, she didn’t succumb to the pressure. I know, right? She had the chance to date a student and didn’t take hit? How very odd!

What could have been a very awkward situation was really very sweet in the end, and I’m happy that at least some programs still understand there is a difference between teenagers and adults. As much as I love Pretty Little Liars, I still can’t get over the relationship between Aria and Ezra, no matter how close they are in age, or how they originally met. We’ve all been “in love” with an adult at some stage of our teenage lives, but we hope the adults have enough intelligence to keep themselves in the clear.

Hart of Dixie used their adult/teen love affair as a way to teach Wade a lesson he needed to learn. Being romantic isn’t about looking like an idiot, it’s about putting yourself out there and taking a chance. Sure, Max was going after the wrong girl, but it still made Zoe feel special and Max look very brave in the process. Max realized he didn’t need a lucky charm to kick a football and Wade made an ass out himself by baking some awful cookies for Zoe. In the end, they both got a girl.

Elsewhere in Bluebell, former high school lovers Lavon and Ruby were still getting reacquainted, but her grandpa got in the way. Since I still don’t like Ruby, and believe she will ultimately break his heart, watching Lavon attempt to make a friend of grandpa after years of ill wishes just turned my stomach. I’d prefer he spark things up with Lemon again.

Lemon decided it was her life’s journey to start a catering business with Annabeth, completely unaware that Annabeth had already started the very same business on her own. It took the entire episode and some cajoling from George, but they decided that Annabeth is the cook and Lemon the organizer so they should be in business together. My question is this: must every friendship Lemon has come with so much mental strife? I have no idea how she became Miss Popularity (or whatever her official title in Bluebell is) because she continually comes off as a raging bitch.

Considering Hart of Dixie was lucky enough to run on Thanksgiving week, I wish they had been able celebrate Planksgiving again. It was the kind of weird tradition that if we don’t see it more than once we’ll completely forget about should it come down again next season. It was a meh episode, except for Wade’s romantic gesture. Feel free to argue with me!