The X Factor Surprise Elimination Results

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The X Factor

The X FactorLast night The X Factor narrowed it down to the top 10 contestants still alive in the competition and looking to become the winner of season two. At this point in the game, the power is out of the judges’ hands and the contestants’ fates are left to the fickle viewing public. This, of course, would explain last night’s results that left one talented singer eliminated from the competition and at least one less talented contestant (Hello, CeCe!) still around to sing another day.

The X Factor results show started off right away with a bang, wasting no time in eliminating the first of two contestants for the night. After a very long and dramatic pause that would even make Ryan Seacrest blush, Mario Lopez announced that hip hop group Lyric 145 would be heading home. While they may not have been the worst of the night (still looking at you, Cece), it was only a matter of time before they were going to be in trouble, so this elimination was less than traumatic.

After Lyric 145’s exit and a performance from Taylor Swift, we continued to learn, one by one, which contestants would be safe and which ones were still in danger. The first somewhat surprise contestant named safe was Arin Ray, who I thought for certain would be in the bottom two. Shortly after his announcement, came the biggest shocker of the night…that CeCe Frey, the singer all the judges criticized the night before, was safe. You could immediately see the remaining contestants look around now that their assumed buffer was safe for who might be the ones to go instead. In the end, it came down to Paige Thomas and Jennel Garcia in the bottom two, which seemed unjust at best since Jennel was the only one in her group who stood out on live performance night. After each girl took their turn to try to sing to save herself, the judges voted to send Jennel home, but only after Simon refused to reveal his vote until Demi chose between her two team members (to which she actually solely voted to keep Jennel), making the elimination even more awkward than usual.

Like last week, The X Factor decided to reveal the actual rankings of each of the contestants, letting them know where they stand in the pack. Not surprisingly, Arin Ray found himself near the bottom again,while Embelm 3 saw a jump to the top four just behind Vino Alan. CeCe Frey also saw herself move up the rankings scale (voters, what are you thinking?) while powerful teen sensation Diamond White fell far down to join Beatrice Miller in the bottom four. Carly Rose Sonenclar found herself in the second place spot just behind second time first place ranker, Tate Stevens. Simon Cowell’s newly formed girl group Fifth Harmony found themselves nestled safely in the middle of the rankings ladder.

Next week, the top 10 will continue to fight to stay in the competition and with last night’s surprise elimination, it is clear that no one is safe.

The X Factor airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8/7 on Fox.