Vampire Diaries Review: We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes

by Carissa Pavlica 539 views0

I was expecting the excitement of the night to focus on Elena’s hallucinations, especially those that might include Katherine. After all, can you imagine those two vampy wonders in a room together? Yeah, me either. For the split second Elena envisioned Katherine, it doesn’t seem I’ll get to see that excitement any time soon. But that’s okay, because considering what ultimately went down, including the hopes of millions of Stelena fans, I couldn’t be more pleased.

Yes, a lot happened on “We All Go A Little Mad Sometimes.” Elena killed Jeremy. Oops. She saw Connor about 30 times (which is why she killed Jeremy). The Brothers Salvatore went to Bonnie to ask for her useless witchy woman help. A bunch of Klaus sire pack stuff went down and Phoebe Tonkin continued to be greatly underused. When it all came down to it, none of that mattered. Let’s talk about why.

Something has  happened to Damon since Elena became a vampire. He realized that on equal footing, he didn’t want to fight with his brother for the love of the same woman. He was willing to accept that Stefan loved Elena, wanted what was best for her and even started telling Elena the truth about Stefan. In the past, when given the opportunity, Damon might have stretched truth, misguided Elena around the truth or even downright lied to keep her from knowing that Stefan was doing things in her best interest. Not any more.

Damon loves Elena enough to allow her and Stefan to be in love. Unencumbered with his interference. I don’t know if it’s because there is an eternity ahead and things could change at any moment, or if he’s really learned something, but it’s very attractive to behold. This Delena fan was more impressed with the possibilities of them as a couple than ever.

To top it off, Elena doesn’t trust Stefan right now. I knew last week that would come back to bite him in the ass. She’s been lied to so many times, the truth is what she craves. That the one person giving it to her is the one from whom she least expects it, at the time when her senses are most heightened? Earth to Stefan! You’re not thinking like a centuries old vampire, my friend. I loved the conversation Damon had with Elena, saying he was going to regret telling her the truth and Stefan would be pissed, but he had to let her know everything Stefan has done lately has been for her. There is a cure.

None of it stopped Elena from being driven by her hallucinations to the river, visiting with her dead mother and attempting to kill herself. Damon knew her well enough to find her (third time’s a charm!), even if it was Stefan who sent him knowing Elena no longer trusts him, and Damon saved her life. It wouldn’t be The Vampire Diaries if Stefan and Damon weren’t conflicted and loving and hating each other at the same time.

Nothing prepared me for Elena telling Stefan what she was feeling for Damon and breaking things off with him. The kicker is I don’t think Damon is going to be able to just pick up and start things with Elena. His conscience has taken hold of him. I imagine him questioning whether Elena knows what she feels, whether he will end up hurt, what it will do to Stefan.  A whole host of things the Damon we knew two years ago would have never done. Of course, I could be completely wrong.

If ever there was a time when Damon could use his best friend Alaric, it’s now. I have a feeling that need is only going to intensify as he realizes what Elena feels for him and how difficult it would be to push it aside. What do you think? Will he grab at the opportunity or try to do the right thing and give her time to understand what she’s really feeling?