Parks and Recreation 5.07 Sneak Peeks: Leslie Meets Joe Biden

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Parks and Recreation

Parks and RecreationTwo weeks ago on Parks and Recreation, Leslie interrupted Ben’s proposal to take a moment to appreciate how perfect her life was at that moment. It was a touching moment and a culmination of a relationship that has only grown stronger recently, but on tonight’s episode, Leslie might have to take another moment.

That’s because she’ll be meeting the entirety of her celebrity sex list and the man that she measures all other men by – Vice President Joe Biden. The entire thing was set up by Ben as an engagement present to his bride-to-be; Leslie had come to D.C. to help Ben get the rest of his things following his time working on the campaign, but before they could pick up the rest of his belongings, they stop into a room where the Vice President was. Leslie, of course, doesn’t know how to react now that she’s face-to-face with one of her political idols and rendering the ever-articulate Leslie Knope speechless is an accomplishment in and of itself for Ben, as well as a sign of his security and confidence in their relationship. Obviously, the chances of Leslie beginning a torrid affair with Joe Biden are non-existent, but getting her a meeting with the man shows that he can put her happiness above his pride, a type of flexibility that is a good sign for their relationship.

Elsewhere on Parks and Recreation, Leslie gets upset over April trying to turn Lot 48 into a dog park, Andy tests his police skills once his computer goes missing, and Tom tries to get Ben’s help with launching Rent A Swag.

Parks and Recreation airs tonight at 9:30 on NBC.

How do you think Leslie will react to meeting the Vice President once the shock wears off? Will she make an inadvertent pass at him, or will she simply invite him out for some waffles? What could she get Ben as an engagement present that would be better than this, if anything at all?