Parks and Recreation Season 5 Finale Spoilers: When I Grow Up

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parks and recreationThis season on Parks and Recreation, Andy has been trying to grow up and leave the “childish” things of his past behind. While his attempt at becoming a cop didn’t pan out, he said goodbye to Special Agent Burt Macklin and found a role working with Ben at Sweetums, which could lead to a more stable, permanent job that utilizes his talents and allows him to grow and prosper. It’s an exhilarating time for Andy, finding his place in life and figuring out who he wants to be, but as we’ve already seen this season, he’s not exactly abandoned his inner child – not yet, at least. Could this mean that Burt Macklin isn’t as retired as he said he was? Are we in for one final mission and, more importantly, a reunion with Janet Snakehole?

Listed below are the date, title, and description for the next two episodes of Parks and Recreation, including the fifth season finale.

Thursday, April 25th – “Swing Vote”
Leslie (Amy Poehler) gets upset when Ron (Nick Offerman) submits budget cut proposals getting rid of the local mini golf course. Andy (Chris Pratt) and Ben (Adam Scott) celebrate a big donation made to their charity, while Ann (Rashida Jones) helps Tom (Aziz Ansari) with his girlfriend troubles.

Thursday, May 2nd – “Are You Better Off?”
Leslie celebrates her first year as a city councilor. A surprise discovery leads Andy to call the only man he knows who can help with the investigation: retired Special Agent Burt Macklin. Meanwhile, April (Aubrey Plaza) gets some life-changing news, and Tom debates a big business opportunity.

Parks and Recreation airs Thursdays at 8:30 on NBC.

How should Leslie celebrate the end of her first year on the city council? Has Andy found his rightful place working with Ben? What type of life-changing news will April receive?